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InfraChef Oven

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InfraChef is the revolutionary portable oven that can produce the tastiest, healthiest food three times faster than conventional ovens.

InfraChef Oven

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The innovative InfraChef Oven cooks tasty meals three times (3x) faster using a combination of methods:

Intensive Heat Transmission - The unique InfraChef design converts electrical energy into intense conductive heat.

Infrared Waves - The revolutionary heating element emits thermal heat waves that surround and penetrate food, directly sealing in flavor and juices while providing superior browning and crisping.

Convection - A hot whirlwind circulates air around the food, ensuring even cooking energy time with usually no need to turn.

Using the three methods above the InfraChef can: bake, stew, toast, steam, brown, BBQ, grill, roast and there is even a setting for self cleaning.

The InfraChef saves energy because is uses only 1400 watts compared to 3400 watts for a conventional oven.

Plus it cooks 3x faster and for many food items there is no need to preheat or defrost. You can take hamburgers or steaks right from the freezer and put them directly on the rack in the InfraChef.

It's not only easy, safe and fast, but your meals will also be the tastiest and healthiest you've ever eaten. Cooking in the InfraChef reduces fat and the infrared waves surround and penetrate the food, cooking from the inside out, sealing in the juices.

Every InfraChef includes 2 racks so you can make complete meals at one time. You also receive a safety lid holder, tongs, the Cooking Time Guidelines, Helpful Hints and Recipes.

The regular price for the InfraChef is $139 plus $18.00 shipping and handling. Visitors to IHSMall receive a $20 discount and FREE shipping and handling so you pay only $119 to have your InfraChef sent right to your door. Covered by our 100% 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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