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ScaleRID water softener

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scale ridwater treatment system


ScaleRID vs. Salt-Based Water Softener Comparison

  ScaleRID Salt-Based Water Softener
Cost Under $150 $400 to $1800.00
Maintenance None Constant Maintenance
Treatment Method Electrical Field Salt-Based Ion Exchange
Installation 10 Minute Do-it-Yourself Professional
Scale Removal Yes No
Scale Prevention Yes No
Back Flush No Yes 80-100 Gallons Per Week
Skin Test Makes Skin Softer Makes Skin Dry
Soap Test Soap Suds Wash Away Soap Suds Difficult to Remove
Health Benefits Leaves in Essential Minerals Exchanges Minerals with Sodium

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What the users of the ScaleRID have to say...

"When IHS asked us to evaluate this technology and its ability to treat hard water we were skeptical at best. I mean it was all theory and that theory seemed to defy logic, but after a lot of research we found that the process could produce results. We also found there was a lot of room for improvement with the technology currently being offered.

With this latest design we have greatly enhanced the process that was first defined in the late 1800s and brought it into the digital age. The latest developments in this field are represented within the ScaleRID product line. Our hyper fluctuation technology outperforms other treatment systems by a considerable margin, and unlike some systems our capability will not diminish over time because our system utilizes more reliable modern semiconductors.

Taken one step further we evaluated the entire system and the potential points of failure. We found that incorrect installation is the primary reason for unsuccessful water treatment, and the difficulty of properly installing the system as the number one reason that average homeowners simply give up on their plans to implement an electronic water treatment system. For these reasons we created an installation process that is not only very simple for the homeowner, but insures the coil will be installed correctly and therefore perform optimally. I am comfortable in saying that with the ScaleRID systems the customer can be certain they are purchasing the latest technology and the easiest path to electronic water treatment.”
Brad Borne, President, Ideas Inc.
(Brad Borne is a part of the ScaleRID Development team, therefore, he was compensated for his contribution.)

“The ScaleRID has helped my plumbing tremendously. It has cleaned out the build-up on all my faucets. There is no more residue on my sinks in my home and, most importantly, not in my coffee pots. I am a very satisfied customer.”
Mrs. Wagner, WY

“The product is very wonderful. There is no more build-up on any of my shower heads. They are no longer plugging up like they did in the past from all the years of build-up. I have only had the product for several months, however I am very satisfied with the results so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings with this product.”
Mr. Finch, WA

“Our water is much cleaner and we get more suds when we do laundry and dishes. Also, the unit is very easy to install. I would recommend this unit to many more friends since I already had 2 more people call in and order this product on my recommendation.”
Mr. Sousoures, NV