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  1. L.E.D. Flashlight

    L.E.D. Flashlight

    L.E.D. (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting is rated to last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 11 years of continuous operation or a lifetime of normal use. The compact, durable, long lasting L.E.D. Flashlight is great for everyday use and perfect in emergencies.
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  2. WOW! Miracle Cleanser

    WOW! Miracle Cleanser

    Save Money and Time with the revolutionary WOW! Miracle Cleanser. This safe, non-toxic cleaner and stain remover can help with absolutely any cleaning challenge. WOW! Miracle Cleanser cleans and deodorizes the toughest dirt, stains and odors without harming hard surfaces.
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  3. LUNA PLUS Steam Cleaning System

    LUNA PLUS Steam Cleaning System

    The LUNA PLUS steam cleaner is a great leap forward in cleaning using the power of steam and SONIC MICRO PULSE vibration technology to kill germs and eliminate dirt and grime while saving a great deal of money.
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  4. Oxygenics PowerSpa Showerhead

    Oxygenics PowerSpa Showerhead

    The Oxygenics PowerSpa Showerhead uses patented technology to continually introduce air into shower water, creating a powerful oxygenated spray.
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  5. L.E.D. Decade Light Bulb

    L.E.D. Decade Light Bulb

    Save up to $231 in energy costs each year just by changing four ordinary light bulbs to the much more efficient, energy-saving L.E.D. Decade light bulbs.
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  6. 4 SEASONS WeatherMaster 3000

    4 SEASONS WeatherMaster 3000

    Heat, Cool, Humidify and Clean the Air all with one compact unit while saving money on your energy bill with the 4 SEASONS WeatherMaster 3000.
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  7. Wedge CD Clock Radio

    Wedge CD Clock Radio

    A state-of-the-art, high-quality, music, news and sports machine, called the Wedge® CD Clock Radio, has now been released by IHS.
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